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Acai, The Amazon superfruit


In the era of healthy lifestyle the so-called “superfoods” earn more and more shelf space, and also, on the menu of men and women who want to live longer and better.

Among these foods is the ACAI, a purple Berry from Acai Palm (Palm species). The highest concentration and production of acai berry of Brazil are on Amazon.

The fruit earned status from the 1990 and the main contributing factor to such fame are its nutritional properties, and is exactly what we’re going to talk about. In addition to a source of minerals and vitamins, the fruit also has fibers and antioxidants.

Thinking on the benefits of this fruit, Tropical Acai prepared this material to introduce you the best superfruit of all, the acai berry.

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Stay on the acai berry
According to research conducted by the Faculty of food engineering at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR), an important brazilian University, ingesting acai berry is a great way to ensure the prevention of numerous diseases.

Still according to the same study, the composition of the acai berry would be: 50% good fat (specifically lipids), 25% of fibers and another 4% of powerful antioxidants (phenolic).

Imagine what all of these components are able to do for your health. You’re already willing to include it in your diet, doesn’t it?

When you ingest ACAI, the HDL production called “good cholesterol” tends to grow compared to LDL “bad fats”, in addition, the fibers present in fruit eliminate cholesterol and help regulate the bowel – that means you’re going to be in a good mood-.

Finally, there is still the presence of antioxidants, substance able to inhibit the oxidation of our molecules, that have the ability of preventing premature aging. Forget botox, acai berry is a natural rejuvenator.


Good fruit

As already mentioned, the acai berry is a rich source of vitamins, among them: Vitamin C, B1 and B2. In addition, it contains considerable amounts of potassium, calcium and phosphorus.

Now that we’ve talked about the composition of ACAI, nothing better than to show what this superfruit of the Amazon can do in practice. The benefits are numerous, but let’s start with the basic package:

-Rich in antioxidants: as already mentioned, this superfruit is rich in antioxidants, so, in addition to the natural rejuvenation (achieved thanks to slowing degenerative cells), acai is able to combat many free radicals, thus decreasing the chances of cancer, stroke and heart disease.

-Immune System operating at 100% capacity: due to the high concentration of vitamin C the superfruit of the Amazon has the ability to strengthen and boost the immune system, that is, say goodbye to small seasonal colds and flu.

-Anti-inflammatory Capability: in recent surveys conducted by the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil, the acai berry has shown great capacity to combat some kinds of chronic inflammation, like asthma, for example. But we of Tropical Acai insist in saying that the acai berry is not a substitute for medication, the nutrients in fruit fight and prevent the causes of these diseases. Is a natural and progressive treatment.

We shall now proceed to the “master”. Acai also prevents serious illnesses such as cancer and nervous system disorders.

-Brain alert: another one of the benefits of this superfruit from Amazon was recently discovered. Per researchers, certain substances of the acai berry are able to keep the brain on alert for more time, which makes it a powerful agent to combat damage to the nervous system. And may in the future become a weapon in the fight against diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

– A beautiful Skin: as if not enough all the powerful effects in the body, the superfruit can also leave you with a beautiful skin. Inflammatory problems as atopic dermatitis and acne (pimples) can be minimized, all thanks to its composition rich in unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants.

It doesn’t get better, does it?

Well, actually there is: Acai is not fattening.

That’s right, the superfruit of Amazon is not fattening, on the contrary, it may even aid in weight loss since it ensures sense of satiety. Allied to that, it is present in the Acai a powerful group of anthocyanins, able to assist in the elimination of those unwanted fat.

We of Tropical Acai remember that the fruit will only be your ally if consumed in small amounts and in place of high-calorie snacks. Nothing to eat a generous slice of pizza and complete your meal with a bowl of ACAI, so you will only be sabotaging your own weight loss schedule.


Ways of consumption
The acai berry is what you might call “eclectic”,the fruit can be consumed in the form of juice, jam, ice cream and even candy. The toppings are the most varied, ranging from fruits, chocolate and even some seeds like the granola and the chia.

But when you decide to consume Acai one of the most important factors is to know the origin of the product, like everything you eat .

One of the reference companies in the production and distribution of this superfruit is the “Tropical Acai”, company that operates in the United States and has won many customers from the first spoonful.

The commitment of Tropical acai berry is not only to sell, but to make sure that customers have a unique experience in terms of taste and of course providing quality of life.

Remembering that combinations are the most diverse, with the fruit and juices the acai berry meets most “fitness” tastes, but the fruit also specializes in satisfying customers who wish to try calorie chocolate and ice cream combinations, for example. Not only it seems, it really is delicious!

Whether you’re an experienced consumer of ACAI, or an adventurous beginner in the world of this superfruit, the “Tropical Acai” brings to you a top quality product.


The technology also came to the acai berry
Since the harvest until become the main star of some recipes, the acai berry goes through different procedures. One of the most important stages of this process is the pasteurization, a procedure that avoid contamination of the product (this same procedure is used to milk). This procedure also preserves the nutrients in the fruit .


Fruit that has tradition
Far beyond the nutritional properties recently studied, the acai berry has been, for a long time, source of income for hundreds of families in northern of Brazil, where he also is an important ingredient in daily meals.

Economically speaking, 85% of all Acai produced in the country is originated in the States of Pará and Amazonas. In both regions, the production of the fruit is so great that it surpasses consumption – double – the milk.

Another news that won the international scenario in recent days was the empowerment of producers of Acai. Through a project of the United Nations (UN), the responsibles for the cultivation of fruit have learned not to threaten the biodiversity around the plantations. The goal of the action is to ensure that the families of small producers can grow without threatening the environment and keep the culture in a “hall” of sustainable activities.



So Acai is good?
From the 1990 onwards the acai berry won the taste of various Brazilian States and subsequently won a special place in the hearts of lovers of healthy lifestyle around the world, including here in the United States, and with that, gained his deserved reputation for tasty and rich superfruit.

You can credit to Acai many benefits, from cholesterol control, to the fight against free radicals. Adored by generation this healthy superfruit of the Amazon is unique, unparalleled and delicious. Whether in small amounts, or in a bowl. When it comes to acai berry , the benefits are numerous.

The Acai berry is a great ally in the fight against premature aging and showing several beneficial properties for the body and combined with a healthy diet and daily practice of exercises you can enjoy to the fullest, all the benefits of the fruit.

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