Why Choose Tropical Acai?

As a Brazilian- American company, we are the growers and producers of authentic organic acai in Brazil with plenty inventory and national distribution in the USA . Hence , you are buying authentic acai taste , consistency at a low price.

Our Taste:

Our mission is to offer people acai in its most natural form. Our acai is produced from freshly harvested organic acai berries. Tropical Acai super fruit cubes, packs, scoopable pails and liquid acai are as authentic as it gets, with all clean ingredients. As a Brazilian- American company, We want to show Americans what real acai is: no coloring, no added flavors. It’s real acai and as authentic as it gets. 

Our growing region:

Our Acai is produced in the best region for growing Acai, along the Amazon River, that provides the best soil and water for its organic jungle growth.

Our Process:

While most acai distributors are merely co-packers and don’t have the same insider relationship with the growers. Our direct access to the farm and plant  ensure  full control of the process to prevent the fruit from losing its valuable properties and oxidating. That’s why our acai is naturally deep-purple, while other companies need to add food coloring or vegetable juice to create such purple color. You’ll have the highest quality and best acai available .

A company that delivers

We have plenty of inventory all across the USA and work with major national distributors , local distributors and bulk wholesale direct delivery. Our mission is to make sure you never run out of high quality and consistent taste acai at a low price delivered at your door. Contact us today so we can help you to find the right wholesale organic acai for your business and the best way we can deliver it to you fast and at a low price.

Our Quality:

Tropical Acai is certified by USDA IBD Organic, Kosher, FSSC 22000, and EU Organic, which guarantees the highest quality product . 

Our Commitment

We work for your BUSINESS SUCCESS:

Social Responsibility

Our company works together with the local people of Pará. This is the region where acai is planted, helping the community with the offer of jobs in the farming industry and alternative jobs such as handcrafting that uses acai’s sub-product.

Furthermore, Tropical Acai protects the forest against deforestation by planting new trees and preventing logging.

If you haven’t tried Tropical Açaí yet, why don’t you give it a try today?

Tropical Acai Wholesale Distributor and Bulk Supplier
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