9 myths about the acai berry that you need to know


Think about a healthy food, highly nutritious, refreshing and full of benefits for our health is not always something simple, isn’t it? But, this food exists and its name is açaí.

The acai berry is a typical fruit of the Amazon region of Brazil, however,it  does not take long to spread throughout the world. But after all, what is truth and what is myth when we talk about the famous acai berry from Amazon?

If you are a lover of this fruit, bear with us on this article that Tropical Acai prepared for you to check the 9 myths about the acai berry that you need to know!

Myth 1: “The Acai make you put on weight”

Myth! The myth that the acai berry is fattening is the greatest of them all, which causes many individuals end up taking the fruit, that is a real “bomb” of nutrients and natural antioxidants on the menu.

The acai berry is considered a ‘ superfruit ‘, since it is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, fiber and a series of natural antioxidants. Consumption of 100 g acai berry daily is enough to promote the reduction of insulin, blood glucose and even bad cholesterol in the body.

Thus, the acai berry itself  is not fattening: since all its nutrients are absorbed  healthy by the body. However, everything will depend on which way you decide to consume the acai berry. Add condensed milk, sugar, peanut butter, it may end up becoming a lot more caloric.

Our  recommendation  you already know: consuming the Acai pure, i.e. just the fruit. But, if you find that you lack a taste, put a spoonful of honey or fruit such as banana or strawberry, for example. Delicious, healthy and full of health benefits.

Myth 2: “the Acai controls the blood sugar levels and cholesterol”

TRUTH. The fruit is high in fiber and lipids, two allies in reducing bad cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, the development of type 2 diabetes (mellitus) can also be avoided thanks to the moderate consumption of acai berry, since it has low concentration of carbohydrates – without causing blood glucose peaks to the body.

The fruit also has hypocholesterolemic  components  which help to balance the good and bad cholesterol levels in the blood (LDL and HDL).

Myth 3: “The acai berry is a caloric bomb”

In truth, this myth is not necessarily a ‘ myth ‘: the acai berry is really an energetic food. But, its calories are good: once food is a natural antioxidant rich in anthocyanins, being these anti-inflammatory substances.

This myth is similar to the first one highlighted earlier – which puts the fruit as a “potential” to gain those extra pounds. But, 100 g of fruit has between 58 to 60 calories, being a low calorie food.

In addition, the calories of the acai berry are good, since the fruit is rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients essential for the maintenance of our health.

Myth 4: “The acai berry has a rejuvenating action”

TRUTH. You may have already heard about the rejuvenating action of wine: a glass of wine is also considered for scientific studies, equivalent to 1 hour of gym. Possibly you also have heard about the acai berry as a natural Rejuvenator.

The acai berry, a natural Rejuvenator? That’s right.

If the wine is already considered an ally against premature aging, just imagine the acai berry, which has a concentration of antioxidants 33x greater than the red wine?

Yes, the acai berry is the leader of food when it comes to rejuvenating action. He’s ahead of red wine, mango, and quite possibly of a wide variety of other foods with this same feature which places him so as a natural Rejuvenator.

In addition, the high concentration of antioxidants also leads to a number of other benefits, like preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases and the characteristic to fight cancer cells.

Myth 5: “the acai berry can only be consumed by those who practice physical activities”

Big myth. The acai berry is a fruit of the energy type. Because of this, its consumption is recommended for “pre-workout”, i.e. before physical activities. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to eat it if you don’t go perform no exercise, but quite the contrary.

The acai berry is a fruit rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients essential for good nutrition. However, if you don´t practice exercise, you need to have smaller portions, and especially, in the toppings (more on that below).

Myth 6: “The acai berry helps fight psychological diseases”

TRUTH. But you sure thought it was myth, doesn’t it?

Look an interesting thing. The acai berry has recently been considered a fundamental food for reducing the symptoms of PMS and menopause. In addition, scientific studies show that it acts to combat stress, anxiety and fatigue; that, in the vast majority of cases are caused by our psychological symptoms.

In addition, the acai berry promotes better blood circulation to the genitals (especially in men), which leads to a better quality of life during sex.

Myth 7: “The acai berry has a high concentration of iron”

MYTH. The acai berry is a natural Rejuvenator thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants. In addition, he is also rich in vitamin E and C, ellagic acids and a number of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.

But, if there is a substance that Acai has not  in large quantities is the iron. The amount of this mineral found in 100 g of fruit is only 1.5 mg.

Of course this is already a good portion of iron, however, the concentration is still considerably lower when compared to other iron-rich foods, such as green vegetables and beans, for example.

Therefore, if you have anemia or lack of iron in the body, the acai berry can even help you: but should not be the only food responsible for this task.

Myth 8: “The acai berry must be consumed with toppings”

Myth. The acai berry can be consumed both with toppings as well as alone: and this choice rests solely with you.

If you are performing a diet – whether in pursuit of weight loss or gain muscle mass, the most recommended is that consumption of fruit is done alone: or, at most, with a spoonful of honey or with one/two mashed bananas.

That’s because some toppings can be extremely high in calories, such as condensed milk, peanut butter cups or even the famous Guarana syrup (which has a high concentration of sugar).

However, you are the one who makes this decision. Acai toppings don’t take the properties and benefits of the fruit, so there is no big reason to worry.

Myth 9: “I want to lose weight so I can’t eat acai berry”

Great myth. In fact, those who are looking for healthy weight loss should include the food on the menu .So, you already know: you must consume the fruit alone, without caloric toppings.

But at no time forget to include the acai berry in your diet because, first of all, it is very healthy fruit. 


The acai berry a tasty food, nutritious and healthy. And now that you know what are the main myths and truths about the acai berry, why are you  still waiting to consume it?

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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