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Tropical Acai and Dot Foods Announce Exciting Partnership

Tropical Acai and Dot Foods


The Power of Partnerships in the Food Industry

In the fast-paced and competitive food industry, partnerships have emerged as a powerful driving force for growth, innovation, and expanded market reach. This holds especially true for Tropical Acai, a leading provider of premium-quality Acai products, and Dot Foods, North America’s largest food industry redistributor. Their recent collaboration has created a buzz within the industry and promises to revolutionize the availability and accessibility of Tropical Acai products.

Unveiling the Tropical Acai and Dot Foods Collaboration

Tropical Acai has announced an exciting new partnership with Dot Foods, North America’s largest food industry redistributor. This partnership significantly increases the accessibility to Tropical Acai products for a broader set of food service accounts and businesses and also in more locations nationwide.

The partnership between Tropical Acai and Dot Foods marks a significant milestone in the food industry. Tropical Acai, renowned for its commitment to providing “Organic Non-GMO Acai” of the highest quality, has joined forces with Dot Foods to amplify its distribution capabilities and reach a broader customer base. This collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of Acai products and open up new avenues of growth for both companies.

With over sixteen years of expertise, Tropical Acai has cultivated a strong reputation as a trusted supplier of authentic Acai products. Their family-owned farm in Inhangapi, Pará, Brazil, ensures total control over the production process, from growing the Acai berries to processing and packaging the final products. This vertical integration allows Tropical Acai to guarantee the highest standards of quality and freshness in every batch.

Dot Foods, on the other hand, boasts an impressive track record as North America’s largest food industry redistributor. With an extensive distribution network and strong relationships with food service accounts, retailers, and businesses, Dot Foods is renowned for connecting suppliers with a vast customer base. By partnering with Tropical Acai, Dot Foods expands its offering to include premium-quality Acai products, enriching its portfolio and satisfying the increasing demand for healthy and nutritious options.

Tropical Acai has a variety of great products, including their blender cubes
Tropical Acai has a variety of great products, including blender cubes

Tropical Acai has now firmly established a strong reputation for growing and supplying the most authentic frozen Acai. From this family-owned, wholesale distributor and bulk supplier of 100% organic, non-GMO frozen acai and Pitaya, further recognition of the increasing demand for their frozen and shelf-stable products.

As a uniquely vertically integrated company, our ability to maintain control over the whole process of growing, harvesting, processing, and packaging through to sales and distribution is making us an attractive, reliable partnering option,” said Renata Prates, CEO. Our average of 35% CAGR over the last five years is because from the farm to the table, we guarantee the quality of our product, ensuring it has all of the powerful combinations of antioxidants and omega oils.

This latest announcement marks a significant 12-month period for this fast-growing innovative company, adding two new innovative products (see below*) to their portfolio, all now available through Dot Foods.

“We’re excited about our partnership. Tropical Acai has a variety of great products, including their blender cubes,” said CJ Pilliod, senior business development manager with Dot Foods. “It’s a unique Acai item in a category where we continue to see growth. With this new partnership, Tropical Acai offers Dot Foods a range of exciting options for the highest quality frozen Acai and Pitaya, from their market-leading frozen sorbets and pulp to their new organic liquid acai 36-month shelf-stable.

Acai Sorbet Pail:

Organic Acai Sorbet – 22lb Pail Dot Item # 758693

Acai & Pitaya Smoothie Packs:

Organic Acai Pure (no sugar added) Packs 60 / 3.5 oz packs

Dot Item# 758695

Organic Acai Authentic Mix Packs 60 / 3.5 oz packs

Dot Item #758704

Red Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Packs (no added sugar) 60 / 3.5 oz packs

Dot item # 758701

*Blender Cubes:

Organic Acai Pure Cubes (no added sugar) 8kg case

Dot item # 758700

Organic Authentic Acai Mix Cubes (only 9gms sugar) 8kg case Dot item # 758703

Red Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Cubes (no added sugar) 6kg case

Dot item # 758702

*Shelf-Stable Liquid Acai:

Organic Acai Bowl in a Bag- shelf-stable liquid Acai for soft-serve Dot item # 758699

The Power of the Amazon: An Overview of Tropical Acai

Tropical Acai: A Passion for Authenticity and Quality

Tropical Acai, LLC is a woman-led, multimillion-dollar, family-owned company and a leading frozen fruit and beverage provider. Tropical Acai is dedicated to developing and supplying the highest quality, pure frozen acai, and Pitaya products. With offices in New Jersey and Florida, USA, and in Belem do Para, Brazil, it is today a major global supplier. Please visit for more information.

Their dedication to authenticity and quality is unwavering at Tropical Acai, a family-owned business with over sixteen years of experience. They are driven by a passion for delivering the true essence of Acai to their customers. From the lush Acai palm trees in the heart of the Amazon rainforest to the carefully crafted production process, every step is meticulously executed to ensure that Tropical Acai products embody the highest authenticity and quality standards.

Tropical Acai sources its Acai berries from its family-owned farm in Inhangapi, Pará, Brazil. The Acai berries are hand-harvested by experienced farmers who understand the importance of preserving the natural integrity of the fruit. By cultivating Acai using sustainable farming practices and avoiding pesticides or GMOs, Tropical Acai maintains the purity and authenticity of its products.

Their commitment to authenticity goes beyond farming practices. Tropical Acai takes excellent care in the processing and packaging of its frozen Acai products. State-of-the-art equipment and stringent quality control measures ensure each product retains its natural goodness and flavor. From the farm to the table, Tropical Acai guarantees the quality of its Acai, providing customers with a truly authentic and exceptional experience.

A Family-Owned Business with a Global Reach

What started as a humble family venture has flourished into a globally recognized brand. Tropical Acai’s commitment to authenticity and quality has garnered the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide. Despite their global reach, they remain deeply rooted in their family values, fostering community and connection in everything they do.

Tropical Acai takes pride in its relationships with local farmers, processors, and distributors. They prioritize fair trade practices and ensure their partners share their commitment to sustainability and quality. This collaborative approach has enabled Tropical Acai to maintain the highest standards throughout its supply chain and deliver exceptional frozen Acai products to customers across the globe.

As a family-owned business, Tropical Acai values the importance of community engagement. They actively support local communities in the Amazon rainforest, contributing to sustainable development and the well-being of those who rely on the Acai industry for their livelihoods. Through their initiatives, Tropical Acai strives to positively impact the environment and communities they serve.

The Growth Story of Tropical Acai: A 35% CAGR Journey

Tropical Acai has experienced impressive growth, achieving a remarkable compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35%. This significant growth is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and the increasing demand for high-quality Acai products.

From its humble beginnings as a family-owned farm in Inhangapi, Pará, in the northern region of Brazil, Tropical Acai has grown into a global enterprise. With a deep passion for authenticity and quality, they have nurtured their farm and built strong relationships within the surrounding community. Today, Tropical Acai is a leading provider of Acai products to the frozen fruit and beverage industry, with a global reach.

As the demand for Acai continues to rise, Tropical Acai has been at the forefront of meeting that demand. Their dedication to organic, non-GMO frozen Acai and rigorous quality control processes have set them apart. By ensuring that every step of the production process, from farming to packaging, meets the highest standards of quality and safety, they have earned the trust of their customers.

Strategic partnerships and expanding distribution channels have played a vital role in the growth of Tropical Acai. Collaborations with distributors, retailers, and food service providers have allowed them to reach a wider audience and bring their premium Acai products to more locations. The recent partnership with Dot Foods, North America’s largest food industry redistributor, has further enhanced the accessibility of Tropical Acai products nationwide.


Dot Foods holds a prominent position in the food industry as North America’s largest food industry redistributor. Their influence and reach make them a vital player in the supply chain, connecting manufacturers and distributors seamlessly. With its extensive network and resources, Dot Foods ensures a smooth flow of products and helps drive the success of businesses across the continent.

Dot Foods’ status as a redistributor allows them to offer an unparalleled selection of products to meet the diverse needs of their customers. They boast an impressive catalog of over 125,000 items from 1,020 food industry manufacturers. This vast range of products enables distributors to access a comprehensive selection and cater to the demands of various industries, including food service, convenience, retail, and vending.

The breadth of Dot Foods’ product offering is a testament to its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the food industry. Their extensive inventory encompasses everything from pantry staples to specialty ingredients, ensuring that distributors have access to a wide range of options to meet the unique requirements of their customers. With Dot Foods as a partner, distributors can rely on their vast selection and efficient distribution network to streamline their operations and meet the demands of their markets.

The Breadth of Dot Foods: Serving Over 125,000 Products

Dot Foods prides itself on providing an extensive range of products, ensuring that distributors have access to a diverse selection to meet the demands of their customers. With a catalog of over 125,000 items, Dot Foods offers an impressive breadth of options across different categories. From pantry staples and ingredients to specialty and gourmet products, they cater to various needs within the food industry.

Dot Foods’ commitment to offering a comprehensive product lineup is driven by its dedication to serving as a one-stop solution for distributors. By sourcing products from a wide range of manufacturers, they ensure that distributors can find everything they need from a single reliable partner. This simplifies the sourcing process, streamlines operations, and allows distributors to focus on delivering exceptional products and services to their customers.

The extensive range of products Dot Foods offers enables distributors to stay competitive in their markets. Whether it’s a restaurant looking for high-quality ingredients, a convenience store needing a diverse snack selection, or a retail outlet seeking specialty items, Dot Foods delivers the breadth of products required to meet these demands. Distributors can rely on Dot Foods’ vast inventory to keep their shelves stocked with customers’ desired products.

Dot Foods’ Extensive Network: Reaching Every State and Beyond

Dot Foods operates an extensive distribution network that stretches across all 50 states in the United States, reaching customers in every corner of the nation. Their efficient logistics and strategic distribution centers ensure timely and reliable delivery to distributors, regardless of location.

With 12 distribution centers strategically positioned throughout the country, Dot Foods has established a solid and efficient network that serves customers promptly. Their presence in critical locations allows for streamlined operations, reduced lead times, and optimized supply chain management. Dot Foods extends its reach beyond the United States, serving customers in over 55 countries worldwide.

Dot Foods’ extensive network is critical to delivering products promptly and efficiently. Strategically locating their distribution centers minimizes transit times and enables distributors to receive orders promptly. This network also allows Dot Foods to stay responsive to market demands, ensuring that customers have access to the products they need when they need them. With its widespread presence, Dot Foods has become a reliable distributor partner nationwide and beyond.

Dot Foods: A Bridge Between Manufacturers and Distributors

Dot Foods plays a pivotal role as a bridge between manufacturers and distributors within the food industry. Acting as a redistributor, Dot Foods consolidated.

The Expansion Story of Dot Foods: 13th U.S. Location and Beyond

Dot Foods’ growth trajectory continues as they expand their operations to meet the evolving needs of the food industry. Currently operating 12 distribution centers across the United States, Dot Foods is preparing to open its 13th location in Manchester, Tennessee. This expansion demonstrates their commitment to enhancing their capabilities and serving their customers.

The addition of the 13th U.S. location is a strategic move that allows Dot Foods to optimize its distribution network further and improve its customer service. Dot Foods can strategically locate its distribution centers, reduce transit times, reduce costs, and ensure timely deliveries. The expansion to Manchester, Tennessee, enables them to reach new markets and strengthen their regional presence.

This growth reflects Dot Foods’ dedication to providing localized support and tailored solutions. By expanding their footprint, they can better understand and meet different regions and communities’ unique needs. Dot Foods aims to be more than just a redistributor; they strive to be a trusted partner that understands the nuances of the local market and provides personalized service.

Beyond its expansion in the United States, Dot Foods has also made strides in expanding its global reach. With customers in over 55 countries worldwide, they have established themselves as an international player in the food industry. Dot Foods’ commitment to delivering quality products, efficient logistics, and exceptional customer service has earned them a reputation as a reliable partner on the global stage.

The continued expansion of Dot Foods reflects its adaptability and commitment to innovation. They understand the changing landscape of the food industry and continuously evolve to meet the demands of customers and manufacturers. With its expanding network, strategic locations, and unwavering dedication to excellence, Dot Foods is well-positioned to continue its growth story and contribute to the success of its partners in the food industry.

The Thrilling New Partnership: Tropical Acai and Dot Foods

The partnership between Tropical Acai and Dot Foods marks an exciting chapter for both companies. With Dot Foods’ vast distribution network and Tropical Acai’s reputation for producing high-quality frozen acai products, this collaboration brings together two industry leaders.

Tropical Acai gains access to a broader customer base and expands its reach in the food service industry by joining forces. On the other hand, Dot Foods enhances its product portfolio by adding Tropical Acai’s premium frozen acai offerings. Together, they create a powerful partnership that drives growth and meets the increasing demand for quality frozen acai products.

Dot Foods’ extensive distribution capabilities allow Tropical Frozen Acai to expand its market presence and make its products more accessible to customers across North America. With Dot Foods’ efficient logistics and reliable service, Tropical Acai can ensure that its products reach customers on time, maintaining the freshness and quality they are known for.

The partnership with Tropical Acai also allows Dot Foods to diversify its offerings and cater to the growing demand for healthy and premium food products. Tropical Acai’s commitment to authenticity, quality, and sustainability aligns perfectly with Dot Foods’ mission to provide the best products to its customers. Together, they can create a unique and compelling product lineup that meets the needs of health-conscious consumers and food service establishments.

This partnership is exciting for Tropical Acai and Dot Foods and customers who can now access a broader range of high-quality frozen acai products. Whether it’s frozen Acai pulp, Acai sorbet, or Acai blender cubes, customers can enjoy the authentic taste and health benefits of Acai with the convenience of Dot Foods’ distribution network.

The collaboration between Tropical Acai and Dot Foods represents a powerful synergy between two industry leaders. As they embark on this thrilling new

adventure together, Tropical Acai and Dot Foods are poised to impact the food industry significantly. Both companies are committed to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, making this partnership a natural fit.

With their combined expertise and resources, Tropical Acai and Dot Foods can leverage their strengths to create innovative solutions and drive growth. They can collaborate on product development, exploring new flavors and formats that cater to changing consumer preferences. By staying ahead of trends and delivering exceptional products, they can capture new market opportunities and expand their customer base.

Furthermore, the partnership between Tropical Acai and Dot Foods extends beyond product distribution. It opens up avenues for knowledge sharing, market insights, and collaborative marketing initiatives. By working together, they can enhance brand awareness, educate consumers about the benefits of Acai, and create a more substantial presence in the food industry.

As the partnership between Tropical Acai and Dot Foods evolves, both companies will continue to push boundaries and strive for excellence. They will focus on delivering exceptional products, service, and value to their customers. With their shared vision and commitment to quality, they are poised to impact the food industry and set new standards of excellence.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Tropical Acai and Dot Foods represents a dynamic partnership that combines the strengths of two industry leaders. With Dot Foods’ extensive distribution network and Tropical Acai’s reputation for producing premium frozen Acai products, this partnership brings together the best of both worlds. Together, they will drive growth, meet the increasing demand for quality Acai products, and deliver exceptional value to their customers. The future is bright for Tropical Acai and Dot Foods as they embark on this exciting journey together. The Tropical Acai and Dot Foods Partnership

A Strategic Collaboration for Enhanced Accessibility

The recent partnership between Tropical Acai and Dot Foods has opened up new avenues for the accessibility of premium-quality frozen Acai products. Dot Foods, North America’s largest food industry redistributor, brings its extensive distribution network and expertise to the table, ensuring that Tropical Acai products reach a broader range of food service accounts and businesses nationwide.

This strategic collaboration aims to address the increasing demand for frozen Acai products and provide customers with enhanced accessibility and convenience. By leveraging Dot Foods’ extensive reach and logistical capabilities, Tropical Acai can expand its market presence and cater to a broader customer base. This partnership reflects both companies’ shared commitment to delivering exceptional products and meeting the evolving needs of the food industry.

Expanding the Product Range with Innovation

The partnership with Dot Foods has allowed Tropical Acai to introduce new and innovative products to its portfolio, further diversifying its offerings. Among the exciting additions are the Organic Acai Liquid Bowl, a convenient and shelf-stable option for Acai enthusiasts, and the Organic Frozen Acai Authentic Mix Blender Cubes, which offer a delicious blend of Acai and other fruits for smoothies and recipes.

Dot Foods’ expertise in the food industry and understanding of market trends have been instrumental in identifying these innovative product opportunities. With their support, Tropical Acai can stay at the forefront of product development, bringing unique and enticing options to customers seeking the highest quality frozen Acai products.

Strengthening the Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

The partnership between Tropical Acai and Dot Foods is built on shared values of quality and sustainability. Both companies recognize the importance of responsible sourcing, ethical practices, and environmental stewardship.

Tropical Acai’s dedication to organic and non-GMO Acai remains unwavering, and this commitment is further reinforced through the partnership with Dot Foods. By working together, they can ensure that the integrity and quality of the Acai products are maintained throughout the supply chain. This includes sustainable farming practices, responsible packaging, and efficient distribution, all aimed at minimizing the environmental impact and delivering the best possible products to customers.

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