Sunset Glow Acai Bowl

Sunset Glow Acai Bowl


 2 frozen acai packs
 1 ripe banana
 ½ cup mango chunks
 coconut flakes
 chia seeds
 fresh raspberries



Run the Acai Frozen Packs under hot water for 5 seconds to soften them slightly.
In a blender, combine the Acai Frozen Packs, ripe banana, and mango chunks. Blend until smooth. If needed, pause to stir and help the blender process the frozen chunks.
Pour the mixture into two bowls. Sprinkle generously with coconut flakes, chia seeds, and fresh raspberries.
Enjoy immediately, while it’s still cold and fresh!


Acai cubes variation: Each Acai cube is about 8g, so 25 cubes are equivalent to 2 traditional packs.


Relish the vibrant hues of a tropical sunset with our Sunset Glow Acai Bowl. This recipe captures the enchanting essence of the sun-kissed tropics, balancing the sweetness of ripe bananas and juicy mangoes with the tart burst of fresh raspberries.

The base of this bowl is a harmonious blend of acai, renowned for its antioxidants and heart-healthy fats, mingled with a ripe banana for natural sweetness and a texture boost. We include mango chunks, adding a tropical note and a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals. The result is an acai bowl that mirrors the warm, captivating colors of a tropical sunset, brimming with luscious flavors and nutritional richness.

The toppings augment this tropical delight with texture and an additional layer of flavors. Coconut flakes sprinkle a touch of tropical essence and provide a satisfying crunch, while chia seeds add a subtle texture and an extra serving of fiber, omega-3s, and protein. Fresh raspberries offer a tart contrast to the sweet smoothie base, enhancing the vibrant aesthetic of the bowl.

Our Sunset Glow Acai Bowl is more than just a meal – it’s a tropical sunset in a bowl, a fusion of flavors that will whisk your taste buds to the sun-kissed tropics while nourishing your body. It’s an excellent start to your day, a rejuvenating snack, or a light and satisfying dessert. Enjoy a bowl of Sunset Glow, and let your taste buds bask in the tropical sunset hues.

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