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Acai Bowl
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Delicious Acai Bowl


Blender friendly cubes make smoothie blending a breeze and will help extend blender blade life. Cubes ship and store frozen until ready to blend.

Organic Acai Pure Cubes

Item # Tropical6368
Organic Acai Pure Cubes

(no sugar added 8kg Case)

Authentic Organic Mix Cubes

Item # Tropical6382
Organic Authentic Mix Cubes

(only 9g of sugar added 8kg Case)

Red Pitaya Dragon Fruit Blender Cubes

Item # Tropical6375
Red Pitaya Dragon Fruit Cubes

(no sugar added 6kg Case)


Tropical Acai’s Premium Organic Acai Sorbet is not just a delicious treat, but also a versatile ingredient for various culinary creations. Its unique flavor and nutritional profile make it perfect for smoothie bowls, desserts, refreshing drinks, or even as an exotic topping for breakfast dishes.

Item # Tropical6392
Organic Acai Sorbet

(22lb. Pail)

Acai Bowl in a Bag

(Liquid Acai Bowl Base)

Tropical Acai’s Organic Acai Bowl in a Bag is an innovative, shelf-stable product that revolutionizes how you serve acai bowls. This convenient option not only offers the rich, authentic taste of organic acai but also boasts an impressive storage capability from up to 36 Months at room temperature.

Organic Acai Authentic Mix

Item # Tropical6313
Organic Acai Authentic Mix Aseptic

(4/2 liter bags each case.)
Pour & Blend / Pour into Batch Freezer or Soft Serve Machine


Our packs are perfectly portioned at 3.5 oz. and can be served directly from the pack, blended or thawed and poured into a softserve machine. Great for smoothie shops and food service. Ship and store frozen packs until ready to use.

Frozen Acai Puree

Item # Tropical601
Organic Acai Pure Packs

(no sugar added 60 / 3 oz. packs per case)

Acai pulp

Item # Tropical628
Organic Authentic Mix Cubes

(60 / 3 oz. packs per case)

Red Pitaya Dragon Fruit Pack

Item # Tropical605
Red Pitaya Dragon Fruit Cubes

(no sugar added 60 / 3 oz. packs per case)

Acai Pure Packs

Item # Tropical6033
Retail Bag - Organic Acai Pure Packs

(no sugar added 14 oz. / 4 count bag)


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