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Acai is a Brazilian fruit grown predominantly in the Amazon region. With a dark color, ranging from purple to black, the rounded fruit is born in clusters and, most often, in places with wetter or flooded soils.

The fruit is rich in protein, fiber, and various nutrients, which help improve health.

The açaizeiro or acai palm (Euterpe oleracea), the plant responsible for producing the acai, is a monocot of the Arecaceae family, native to the Amazon region.

To have a good return on your acai sales, investing in a good menu is necessary. In addition needs to have product options that are accessible, with the on, possibili of combining them with other foods.

Initially, you should know and test the variations of acai, as you can use the 3.5 oz pulp, acai sorbet, acai cubes, or liquid shelf-stable açai. This will depend significantly on the menu and the structure you wish to have. At the top of this page, we provide a free eBook on how to set up an acai store.

To make an açai bowl is very simple, first choose your açai base (3.5 oz pulp, açai sorbet, açai cubes or shelfstable liquid açai). We do not recommend using acai powder as it loses many natural characteristics. Once you have chosen your base, add the ingredients you like best and blend everything in the blender. See ours for inspiration. Remember, all components must be weighed, always follow their order in the recipe, and always use frozen fruit.

Acai with banana: 7 oz of Tropical açai pure, 100 grs of frozen ripe banana, 30 grams of sugar syrup. Add the ingredients and increase the blender speed until the mixture is homogeneous.

We have several types of acai and their value is directly proportional to the amount of acai your company needs and the place for delivery. For wholesale quotation, contact us so that we can send you the prices.

In their most natural state, acai berries have a unique flavor that sets them apart. While most berries taste Sweet When ripe, acai has earthy, bitter flavors, including darl chocolate and Blackberry. However, since most people who consume acai do not consume fresh acai, the flavor thatU.S. residents typically associate with acai is a refreshing blend of fruity sweetness and acidity.

The correct pronunciation of Acai is ah-sah-EE.

To know a good acai, you should check its coloring, and if it does not have coloring and flavoring in the composition, you should also observe which companies certify the acai producer as FSSC22000.

Another suitable parameter to know if you are buying a quality acai is to know if the company controls production, from harvest to distribution. We at Tropical Acai are the only company in the world with total verticalization of production, maintaining and certifying all acai berries production stages.

The Authentic Mix 100g/3.5oz is sweetened with 6.5g organic sugar—only 110 calories per pack. We usually use 02 bags for 01 bowl of acaitol with 13g of sugar. If you add toppings, the amount of sugar will increase according to the fruit chosen

The traditional 100g/3.5oz zero sugar, only 80 calories per pack.

The acai fruit goes bad quickly, so it needs to be processed right after it’s picked. This is hard because the pulp is thin and there’s a big seed inside. If it’s frozen, it can’t be processed and won’t be good for you. It also needs special machines to extract the pulp.

When choosing a product for your business, think about how big your business is, how many people you have working, what flavors you want to make, and how much storage you have. For organic acai, there are three options: frozen pulp, sorbet, and liquid. The pulp is good for mixing with other fruits and for stores with alternative flavors, the sorbet is good for ice cream stores and soft serve machines, and the liquid is good for stores with fewer employees and less freezer space.

Attention store owners! Looking for high-quality acai products at wholesale prices?

Look no further than Tropical Acai. Our acai stands out from the competition in many ways. Our acai tastes better than any other acai on the market because it’s made from freshly harvested organic berries.

Our growing region along the Amazon River provides the best soil and water for organic jungle growth, resulting in a superior product.

Our production process is carefully controlled to ensure our acai retains its good properties and doesn’t oxidize. Plus, our acai has a smooth texture because we have perfected a seed extraction technique that eliminates 100% of the seeds.

You can trust in the quality of Tropical Acai. Our products are USDA IBD organic, kosher, FSSC 22000, and EU Organic Certified, ensuring the highest quality possible.

Choose Tropical Acai for the best acai products on the market, and give your customers a delicious, healthy treat they’ll love.

Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale prices.

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