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Why you need to include acai berry in your health and fitness business

Organic Acai berry is a Amazonic fruit, cultivated in Brazil that has a huge menu of benefits to health. Besides the large number of nutrients, organic acai berry still give you a lot of cooking possibilities turned to fitness. The fact is due to the energetics, antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatory properties of this “super fruit”.

The taste of the organic acai berry is also very compatible with other fruits like mirtilos, banana, raspberry, strawberry, coconut, pineapple and lots of the tropical gender.

With this little purple fruit, we from Tropical Açaí produce a large variety of organic acai berry products like the organic acai berry sorbet (with “light” option), pulps and other tropical fruits for complement, like pitaya and guaraná.

We produce all of it thinking about the fitness and health persona, by the way, the organic acai is a berry that provides energy to pre-train, contribute to muscular recovery and also can avoid diseases like cancer.

That is why having organic acai berry as a product in a gym or natural and organic products space is a great opportunity to increase your profit with large number of people that, today, are leaving the fast-food rhythm and adhering a more healthier life.

Know how the products from Tropical Açaí can contribute to the health of who frequents your business:

For fitness:

Unlike the stimulants, organic acai berry acts like a natural energy source for the training of high intensity due to it’s carbohydrates, that is, after training the body doesn’t fatigue like when it is stimulated artificially. Also it contributes to the muscular recovery after training, seen that the fruit rapidly restores the glucose lost during the training, contributing to the physical conditioning after the activity.

For health:

Besides that, the fruit is a source of vitamins, mineral salts and fatty acid essentials like the omega 3, 6 and 9, vitamins E, B1, calcium, iron, zinc, fibers and proteins. That is, it’s not a common fruit, but a “super fruit” rich with antioxidants (presence of anthocyanins), avoid cardiovascular diseases, it is a natural anti inflammatory, contributes to a better blood circulation, fights anemia, increases the immunologic capacity of the organism, provides a good cholesterol and it favors a better working intestine.

Therefore, the organic acai berry is an awesome food for athletes and people who search for a quality of life in nutritive and healthier foods, and when accompanied with other organic foods, it still contributes more to the improvement and recovery of the health, besides of being a fast and easy way of feed yourself. The products from Tropical Açaí have a practical packages for the consumption and handling.

Know our complete line of products accessing our website. Provide to your clients the health that they deserves through the truly acai berry from Amazon!

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