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Welcome to tropical acai, we love our açaí and we know you will love it too 😍


Why choose Tropical Acai?

There are many compelling reasons to choose Tropical Açaí but the most important is our founders passion and commitment to bring the finest Organic Acai to consumers around the world. He takes great pride in delivering the very best Organic Acai our planet has to offer.Our Taste:

It tastes better than the competing brands

It’s the taste of the real açaí !
Our açaí is produced from freshly harvested Organic Açaí berries. Unfortunately Most of the açaí brands are made from concentrate.

Our growing region:

Our açaí is produced in the ideal region for growing Açaí, right along the Amazon River which provides the best soil and best water for it’s organic jungle growth. Our açaí comes to you directly from the heart of Para, Brazil.

Our Process:

Our production is fast and carefully controlled, so the fruit doesn’t lose it’s good properties and doesn’t oxidate. That’s why our açaí is naturally deep purple, while other companies need to add food coloring or vegetable juice to create the purple color.

Our Texture:

Our organic açaí has a smooth texture because we have perfected the seed extraction technique that allows us to eliminate 100% of the seeds. Our competition often has seed fragments and particles.

Our Quality:

Tropical Açaí is USDA IBD Organic, KOSHER ,FSSC 22000, JAS, EU organic and has all the certifications that assures the highest quality product possible. Since we have what’s know as “total vertical integration” which means we own the farm grow our own açaí, then we produce the pulp in our own plant, it allows us total control of all phases. From seed to extraction to production and packaging, which ensures you the best quality product possible.

Our Price:

being the farmer and the producer, allows us to offer the best truly “fair trade” price for our consumers. Social responsibility: our company works together with the local people of Para, the region where the açaí is planted, helping community with jobs in the farming industry and with alternative Jobs as hand-crafters using the sub-product of açaí.

Furthermore, Tropical Açaí protects the forest against deforestation, by avoiding cutting the trees, and also planting new ones, ensuring a long life to the jungle.

If you haven’t tried Tropical Açaí yet, why don’t you give it a try today!

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