The amazon is the cradle of life, the biggest rainforest on the planet

There are hidden secrets, whether it be new species of animals, new fruits, a source of energy, and scenic views never before discovered.
This is where Acai was found, a fruit purple in color, found on a palm tree which became popular worldwide because of its health benefits, and an incomparable delightful flavor.

But how can we cultivate a fruit from the middle of the Amazon, and distribute it worldwide?
Our work is to cultivate the fruit together with its quality. Using technology and  being social-environmentally responsible, all Acai`s beneficial properties can be delivered to your home. You will taste the real natural flavor of the fruit.

Collaborate is a word that is part of the DNA of Tropical Acai.
For the Ribeirinho village` families` to have a better quality of life, they are being involved in the cultivation and production of the fruit. That now allows the local workers to have a source of income, to better the quality of their lives, and of their families.

There is not a better flavor or feeling, than that of helping and producing products that brings health to all kinds of people.

We have a fully-automated production line, but everything starts with the harvest, that’s is being done, in a natural rustic way, so that the fruit doesn’t lose anything in flavor and nutrients. To harvest the fruit, you must climb the palm tree and there it is, ready to be picked and sent to our industrial park.
Here we do everything to preserve all the characteristics of the fruit, without losing none of its beneficial properties.

Producing with a quality that only experts,consuming Acai for 30 years can.

We are not just simply harvesting and producing Acai, we are cultivating and producing smiles, moments of happiness, and clearly, the best Acai in the world.

Tropical Acai, from the Amazons to the world.


Tropical Açai Wholesale Distributor and Bulk Supplier