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Azteca Acai Chia Bowl made with pure packs

Yields1 Serving

Azteca Acai Chia Bowl

 - Two 100g Tropical Acai Pure Pack
 - 2 whole bananas
 - 2 fresh cut strawberries
 - Granola of your choice
 - Chia Seeds
 - 1 tbsp Agave

1. Rinse the Tropical Acai Pure Packs under water for about 30 seconds to soften the acai, then add to the blender
2. 1 whole banana
3. 1 tbsp Agave (or sweetener of your choice)
4. Blend until a creamy consistency (if it’s difficult to blend, you can add a splash of apple juice or coconut milk)
5. Pour mixture into a bowl
6. Top one sliced banana and fresh cut strawberries
7. Garnish top with granola and chia seeds

Enjoy our Brazilian fruit with a taste of Azteca Chia seeds to blend cultures in a bowl!