Opening an acai or smoothie shop

Opening  an acai shop is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur. With low initial investment and possibility of billing in the first few days, acai stores represent an excellent business opportunity between the numerous options available in the segment.

It is not because you work with Acai that you can not work with other foods, like ice cream,   juices, natural snacks and any other option that satisfies your client. But working with Acai is working with a niche market that values quality of life.
In fact, the target audience that consumes the Acai in the bowl is quite broad, but the vast majority have in mind quality of life as the main factor.

The consumption of Acai is closely related to health and it is often consumed after physical activities such as walking, running or even high performance activities ,such as bodybuilding.

Your store needs a good quality product and of an excellent origin.

Keep in mind that this is not directly related to the price since the final customer understands that a good quality Acai does not cost more, it worth more.

Opting for a supplier that has a cheaper product is not the best solution as it is precisely the product that will make you known in the market and gain new customers.

Viral marketing the ,famous “ word-of-mouth” derives mainly from the quality of your product.

Always look for a non third-party Acai wholesaler, who will produce and sell the Acai in large quantities, because this way you will have a product of great quality and fair price.

Tropical Acai, direct from the Amazon to the world !