The growing interest in acai is due to a number of factors, including the opening of the market towards projects aimed at quality of life and the convenience of fast food, the need for a simple structure and low initial investment.

Two ways to increase revenues by selling acai:

#1 – B2B :  Own a distribution company?  When you add acai to your product offerings you are opening yourself up to a greater opportunity of selling other products. Why? Because acai bowl shops and coffee shops need fresh produce/almond milk/ nutella/peanut butter/granola and a variety of different toppings to make acai bowls and smoothies.  If you are not a frozen distribuitor you can still add acai to your menu! You can distribute liquid organic acai pulp! Our vacuum sealed acai pulp requires no refrigeration or freezer.

#2 – B2C
: The growing interest in adding acai to a coffee shop/ yogurt /ice cream parlor is due to a number of factors, including the opening of the market towards projects aimed at quality of life and the convenience of fast food, the need for a simple structure adjustment or no changes to the current shop setting.

INNOVATE: Businesses now more than ever need to differentiate themselves from others. In the açaí niche, there are many ways to do this, as you are offering a fast food healthy alternative much needed these days! Remember, in order to innovate, you must know what type of acai you should add to your business and we are here to offer you the best option at a competitive price!

Our 4 BEST Acai options! Pick one or All!

Traditional Organic Acai Packs: the most popular option used by acai bowl shops and smoothie bars. Case comes with 60 frozen 100g/3.5oz packs. Two options pure zero sugar blender pack and light sweetened with organic sugar pack.

PREMIUM ORGANIC AÇAÍ SORBET: Our premium Organic Açaí sorbet is made with only six organic ingredients. Our three gallon pail weighs 24lbs compared to many competitors that contain air and weigh only 18lbs. We give you authentic Brazilian style sorbet. Rich and Delicious.

Our sorbet can be scooped and served directly from the pail or it can be scooped and blended with other fruits and served or finally can be thawed and poured into a shake machine or soft serve machine for high demand applications like theme parks or stadiums.

Delicious rich and creamy organic açaí sorbet perfect for ice cream scoop shops, frozen yogurt shops and smoothie bowl shops.

ORGANIC LIQUID AÇAÍ PULP – REQUIRES NO REFRIGERATION OR FREEZING: Our exclusive and easy and ready to use, organic acai puree in shelf stable bags!

This unique premium grade organic product is available exclusivly from Tropical Acai, with natural ingredients, preserving antioxidants and colors of organic Acai. Great for use when freezer space is at a premium. Ships direct to you via UPS, FedEx and the USPS. Aseptic Acai is perfect for Juice bars, Cafe’s and can be used in soft serve machines. Non-Gmo Project Verified too! No refrigeration or freezing required, store at room temperature. Once opened refrigerate or freeze.

ORGANIC AÇAÍ BLENDER CUBES FOR PROFESSIONAL USE: Finally a solution for the professional blenderista making many acai bowls. Our cubes speed up your process significantly while making your prep station a safer place too. No more danger cutting packs open with knives or scissors. Also eliminates the possibility of plastic winding up in the blender. 8KG cases available!

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