How to choose the true organic pure acai?

How to choose the true organic pure acai?

The true organic pure acai has a dark purple wine color to it.  If it is a lighter shade of purple, it has been mixed with another substance.

Considered a superfruit, organic acai has been received very favorably in America because of the innumerable health benefits, such as prevention of cardiovascular disease, cellular  rejuvenation, improved blood circulation and as well as many other benefits to the body’s organs and biological processes.

What many do not know is that the pulp extraction is done in a machine that makes the seed scraping and water addition. The industry mixes guarana syrup with acai, which gives it a sweet taste and makes the acai mix have a higher caloric content.

That being the case, how do you choose the best acai pulp option? If the intention is to enjoy the benefits, be aware of some important details when choosing and purchasing the fruit product.

Usually, acai is found in the form of juice, frozen pulp or accompanied with various other ingredients as a smoothie or acai bowl.  Although most acai bowl shops mix the acai berry pulp with many other ingredients to make it delicious, it ends up making it very rich in sugar, making many believe the myth that acai is a caloric fruit. The truth is that it is not high in calories at all. For example, 100 grams of pure acai pulp only has about 60 calories, zero sugar and 4 grams of fat, and that’s healthy fat.  What does make the acai bowl or smoothie high in calories and sugar is what you add to it.

Also, an important tip is to pay attention to the color of the product, the color is a main way to  determine the product’s quality. Acai will have a dark purple wine color to it. If it is a lighter shade of purple it means that another substance has mixed with the acai.  In addition, the form of preserving the acai pulp is also very important for the quality of the product. For example, in supermarkets, it should always be kept frozen at a temperature of about -18°C.  After you buy the product is it best to keep it in your freezer.

So if you want to consume the true pure acai berry pulp read the nutritional facts label and ingredients to see what is in it. Remember, it is better to sweeten it with fruits, honey or brown sugar in small doses.


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