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Find out why athletes and healthy people consume Acai

A healthy life begins, necessarily, by the adoption of smart and functional eating habits. Food is the source of human energy and also most of the necessary nutrients to ensure the proper functioning of the organism. Bet on a diet rich in natural foods and giving up of industrialized is one of the secrets to health and longevity. And the acai berry must be present on this diet.

Some foods seem to become consumer trend, especially when entering to the menu for athletes and people recognized for maintaining healthy habits. It’s been a while since the tropical Acai turned fashion and everything indicates that it will not be transient, because it brings real benefits to the quality of life of those who consume it regularly.

Tropical Acai prepared this e-book so that you know all the benefits of this superfruit and also know why athletes and healthy people consume every day the acai berry.

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But, after all, why athletes and healthy people consume acai berry?
The first benefit, especially related to consumption on the part of athletes, is the fact that Acai provides a lot of energy, so it is excellent for those who need a little extra hand to practice physical activities. A great pre-workout option, for example.

A tip of the nutritionists of Tropical Acai is that you consume the Açaí with fruits, cereals such as granola and seeds such as Chia. Your breakfast will be nutritious, healthy and energetic.

Serve as a source of energy is one of the forms of the acai berry help in weight loss, because it improves performance in the exercises. But, if you are trying to lose weight, there are other reasons to put that food in your daily menu: it helps maintain a high metabolism and calorie expenditure is greater in all its activities. Is very efficient to regulate the appetite and that is also great, after all, to eliminate the extra pounds without losing quality of life.

Often, the swelling can be mistaken for localized fat in the abdomen. To combat it is necessary to stimulate the bowel so that it works better. Fortunately, the acai berry also does this and is renowned for its power to improve the entire digestive system. He is rich in fiber, which help regulate the bowel and, as a result of this, there are more efficient elimination of toxins from the body and, of course, in reducing the swelling.

Athletes also tend to consume this fruit by its capacity to regenerate muscles. By having a good amount of amino acids, it can also be consumed after exercise, because it will help the muscles recover. That is, works both as pre-workout and post-workout, is a very versatile food.

Those who practice a lot of physical activity may suffer with cramps, especially if you spend some time without exercise and then return. This is another utility of Acai: for being rich in potassium ,it will prevent the cramps, especially if it is combined with a large consumption of liquids.

Another important point: athletes need to have a skeletal structure tough enough to withstand the impacts of running. This is one of the reasons to consume the acai berry: the fruit has a very satisfactory calcium concentration, mineral that acts to strengthen the bones. Consequently, it also ends up being a great alternative to prevent osteoporosis, a disease particularly common among women from 40 years of age.

We’re talking about a food that is closely related to healthy living also because it strengthens the body’s natural defenses. Thanks to the high level of vitamin C, who consumes often acquires a stronger immune system and able to fight against harmful agents that cause disease. If you have colds and flu often, you can change this situation and reduce the consumption of drugs.

Natural antioxidant
Here is one of the most acclaimed advantages in relation to healthy life: it is a powerful natural antioxidant. But what does that mean? It contains substances (such as anthocyanins and flavonoids, for example) that fight free radicals, responsible for the aging of cells. Thus, slows the appearance of wrinkles and also prevents diseases that are associated with the cell aging.

For a long time the blueberries were considered as nature’s most potent antioxidants. However, more recent studies have shown that the acai berry offers an amount twice the size of them, therefore, much more powerful.

The antioxidants they leave not only the most beautiful skin and healthy appearance, but promote this same effect also on the nails and hair, leaving them more resilient and jovial.

Mental health
For us of Tropical Acai, a healthy life is not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind as well. The acai berry contains important substances that improve communication between nervous system cells and leave the brain on alert for more time. In the long term, this can prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Even in this sense, the fruit acts avoiding the mental imbalance that can affect women in the menopausal stage.

This action of food in brain cells is able to promote a sense of well-being which, in turn, helps the individual to sleep better. A sleep set is essential to the quality of life.

Additional benefits
In addition to all these tropical Acai capabilities that have been mentioned so far, the fruit is able to do much more for the sake of your healthy life. For example: helps balance cholesterol levels, reducing the rate of LDL CHOLESTEROL (known as bad cholesterol). In this case, it is effective even for those who have a diet rich in fats, but works much better if it is combined with a balanced diet.

By reducing LDL it ends up favoring heart health, avoiding the blockage of veins and arteries. Indeed, some studies have come to the conclusion that it has an effect very similar to that of red wine, helping relax blood vessels (which improves circulation as a whole) and prevents the formation of blood clots.

And the circulatory system is not the only beneficiary, but also respiratory: If you consume Acai regularly is less likely to suffer from Bronchial irritation and your breath will be always clean.

Over here, it’s very clear that the acai berry is a great ally of healthy living and is therefore a frequent bet on the menu of the athletes and all the people who care about their food. And besides all those benefits, the fruit is still considered a natural aphrodisiac, able to avoid problems of sexual impotence in men.

So, if you have consumed Acai as a source of energy,  now you are more aware of everything it has done for your body and for the benefit of your quality of life. And if you haven´t tried this fruit, this might be a good time to try it out and have it become part of your routine!

Although it is typical of the Amazon region, it is relatively easy to find Acai available for sale in all regions of the country, precisely because he has done very successfully. Find in supermarkets and shops selling natural products. Always give preference to the acai pulp ,to consume pure. Count always on Topical Acai products that have quality and certifications of origin, such as the USDA Organic and GMO Free seals to ensure that our products are organic and free of genetically modified organisms.

One last important tip from Tropical Acai team, in addition to using the acai berry superfruit to improve your diet and gain more energy, try adopting healthier eating habits in general, to achieve more quality of life.

Athletes and healthy people consume acai berry because he is a delicious and nutritious superfruit providing what’s best in the search for a healthy lifestyle.

The food is rich and helps everyone gain in muscle mass and weight loss in addition to disposition and energy.

If you haven’t consumed the product, you have many reasons to begin to enjoy it today. And you that already consumes the acai berry, congratulations! You are taking care of your body in the best way, with a rich food in nutrients and health.

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