Frequently Questions Asked About Açai

Açai is one the most delicious superfood fruit. Found in the Amazon, acai taste a lot like a rich blackberry mix with a piece of dark chocolate!  It’s a mix of refreshing , rich and tropical paladar taste ! You need to try this super berry!  

It is the same organic acai but the shelf stable can be stored unopened at room temperature due to the special vacuum sealed packing process and the metallic packaged.  Because it is not frozen the shelf stable is liquid.  Making easy to add in the blender and make shakes/bowls. you can also freeze the shelf stable into portions.

Acai pack is  the actual acai pulp , since it is frozen it solid and needs to be blended.  Our organic  acai pulp is available  pure with no sugar added and authentic mix with 6.5 g of sugar only.  We need to use a blender to make smoothies and bowls when using our acai packs.   Our acai sorbet is also 100% organic and because we add an emulsifier made from black algae the acai sorbet is smooth and scoopable.  Hence,  it is ready to eat and no blender is needed.

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Ahh-sigh-eee  !!!!

Our frozen line is meant to be kept frozen.  You can gently thaw for a few seconds just so the frozen acai pulp can be removed easily from the pack but packaging is not meant to hold a completely thawed acai .

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