Discover the Different Types of Açai Berries

The açai berry is a fruit that really has amounted a following for its delicious taste and gained many supporters across the country. However, what many people do not know is that there are some variations of this famous fruit. In this article we will show the different types of acai berries that exist and show the differences between the pulps. Let’s check it out!

The types of acai berries
Purple or Black Acai Berry
This type of acai berry is taken from bunches of the palm tree popularly known as açaízera. Coming from northern Brazil, mainly from the regions of Belém do Pará. This is the most famous, what you encounter in your acai bowl.

White Acai Berry
This type of acai berry is also known as Acai Tinga. It is harder to be found, and therefore more expensive than purple or black acai berry. Although it is called white acai berry, its peel and pulp are green, with shades similar to avocado. This type is a fan favorite of the people of Pará.

Açu Acai
It has a stronger flavor than the purple açaí and originates in the Peruvian Amazon, its clusters are much larger than the purple açaí, so the name ‘Açu’ that comes from indigenous dialect, meaning “big açaí”. It is also known as solitary acai berry or amazon acai berry.

Sword Acai
It is named this because of its different shape. Its clusters feature a number of branches, making it a unique fruit.

Ox Blood Acai
It is named this because, when mature, it has a very intense red coloration. Although edible it’s rarely eaten because it has a pasty consistency and an unpleasant taste when compared to the Purple Acai.

Acai Chumbinho
It is an extremely small variety. Each fruit of this species weighs about 1g, and its color varies between purple and white.

What is the most used acai berry?
The most used acai berry in the world market is the purple acai berry because it has the best flavor and is much richer in fiber and antioxidants, which brings more quality and health to all its consumers.

Beware Cheap Acai or Industrialized
Something that should be very common among acai berry manufacturers should be the concern of its composition when the product is ready to be delivered to consumers. The quality of the product varies greatly. Many companies produce their acai product with up to 30% artificial colors and flavors and some use vegetable products as fillers to cheapen the açai. A good rule of thumb is to compare the color original color of the acai berry with the final product. The acai berry should be a deep and dark purplish color, but if processed incorrectly, the tendency is for the color to appear brownish, due to the oxidation of the fruit.

So, did you know that there were all these different types of acai? If you are passionate about fruit, try our acai berry and taste the difference!


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