Organic Açaí Drum 1800 servings

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Eat different. If you are the type of person who would like to have a healthy diet but your busy schedule does not allow, you need to try our açai berry. This natural and healthy superfruit with an unparalleled, refreshing flavor will replenish many nutrients in your body in a quick and delicious way! It will also help to remove free radicals from your body. Açai with real flavor is tropical açai.”

Organic Açaí Drum 1800 servings

Product Description

Organic Açaí Drum 1800 servings bulk delivery

We are Tropical Açaí, an American Company, subsidiary of one of the largest acai berry producers in Brazil. Our açaí comes from the best region for growing açaí, Belem do Para- Brazil.
Our company is highly qualified and with top certifications:
– USDA Certified Organic
– Kosher
– FDA Certified
– ISO 22000 Certified
-Lab 360
– note: NON GMO certification (final stage of approval)
We have developed a proprietary method of processing açaí berry in the last 17 years including:
– Exclusive tubular pasteurization and homogenization method which maintains all the properties of this superfruit with creamer consistency and higher ORAC tested values.
– 100% pulp equals 100% yield – NO SEEDS AND NO SEDIMENTS due to our unique TRIPLE filtration process. 100% clean pulp is crucial for the vitality of industrial equipment which process the açaí puree as the small particles from the sediments can damage the equipment overtime.
– By the use of innovating techniques and exclusive machineries that allow us to produce the highest quality product with the authentic fruit aroma, its rich deep natural purple color and flavor of the real açaí berry!
We are known for our quality consistency!
We are not a third party, we own the farm and the industry. We have total control over the product, beginning with the cultivation, passing through harvest, until the process of pulp extraction and freezing. We can also guarantee a steady açaí supply at the best price regardless of the season due to our 9 million lbs frozen storage capacity.

This Açaí product has the highest quality premium grade pure organic Açaí berry.

A low calorie super food rich in powerful antioxidants, healthy omegas and fibers.

It has the highest quality of the pure organic Açaí berry. A low calorie superfood rich in powerful antioxidants, healthy omegas and fibers.

This premium grade organic açaí berry product is perfect for soft serve machine. It has perfect consistency and texture to serve delicious ice creams or açaí smoothies. Its perfect for food industry

Buy worlds best Açai, for food service and food industry


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1 bag with 68 oz (20 servings), 1 Box with 4 bags with 68 oz each (80 servings)

-All of our frozen products ship early in the week to ensure arrival prior to the weekend.
-We use special insulated boxes with dry ice to keep items frozen during transit.
-Watch for your package and place products in the freezer on the day they are received.
-We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and outside to US, contact us for others regions.
-To guarantee delivery, we must have complete addresses and phone numbers.
-We cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes or A.P.O. and F.P.O. addresses.
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