20 Reasons to start immediately the consumption of acai berry

The big secret for having a healthy and longer life is to invest in good nutrition. The Greek Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, talked about the importance of a balanced menu since antiquity, and he was right. And there are some specific foods that are extremely functional and, when inserted in the diet, increments it a lot. One of them is the acai berry. Get ready to know better through this e-book that Tropical Acai prepared for you. You will understand the reasons why the acai berry has become a trend when it comes to healthy eating and more: 20 reasons to start using it right now!

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The acai berry is the fruit from the acai tree. This is a very common Palm in the Amazon, mainly in the northern region of Brazil. Despite being a very consumed fruit in this region, the consumption of Acai has been popularized all over the world, thanks to the numerous benefits it can provide to health.

But, after all, why should you start consuming the acai berry right now? Let’s look at the reasons.

1. Versatility

One of the reasons that make people give up the diet is the monotony of the menu. Well, the acai berry from the Amazon goes completely against that idea, because it can be consumed in different ways: the most common is the fruit pulp in the bowl, usually mixed with other fruits, but he is also found as jam, compote, juice, ice cream, sorbet.

Of course, to have access to all the benefits and not to compromise the diet, the Tropical Acai team advises that it is best to consume the most natural way possible, that is, the fruit pulp, without adding ingredients that have a lot of calories. But you can add fruit, cereals and other healthy foods in your Acai Bowl at breakfast time.

2. Powerful Rejuvenator

The acai berry works much like a natural antioxidant. This means that it has a large concentration of substances that fight free radicals and, consequently, slow down the aging process. This brings advantages for aesthetics, after all, the skin, hair and nails remain looking young and healthy, but it’s also very important to health, since many diseases are caused precisely by the aging of cells.

3. Prevents cancer

This is one of the benefits associated with the fact that the acai berry is a natural antioxidant. According to a survey conducted at the University of Florida, the fruit may have almost 90% efficiency in combating cancer cells. In this way, regular consumption can be one way to avoid the appearance of tumors.

4. Regulates cholesterol levels

There are two types of cholesterol: HDL, referred to as “good” and the LDL, called “bad”. A high LDL levels can bring serious consequences, such as blockage of veins and arteries. Fortunately, the acai berry is rich in substances called anthocyanins, which help to reduce bad cholesterol. A study published in the journal nutrition, an important brazilian magazine, where he was made an experiment with laboratory mice: they were subjected to a high-fat diet, only half consumed Acai pulp and the other half not. After a while, it has been found that rodents who ate the acai berry they had lower cholesterol than the other, even with the same diet.

5. Power source

Want a good source of energy to start your day? Bet this fruit! Each 100 grams has approximately 250 calories. That’s very good, for example, for those who practice physical activities and needs an extra hand to achieve a good performance. But it also indicates that consumption should be moderate, otherwise, you might end up weighing in the balance.

6. Combat wrinkles

Once again the power of this natural antioxidant must be emphasized. In addition to the anthocyanins, the acai berry from Amazon is also rich in phytosterols, which stimulates the production of collagen. In this way, the skin tends to get firmer, rejuvenator, healthy and without those dreaded expression marks that can begin to appear early.

If you already seek to use anti-aging creams, associate the acai berry to care routine to get even more promising results.

7. Combat stress

Anxiety, agitation, stress and nervousness, it’s all part of the everyday life of most people, thanks to the modern routine. Well, a potential of Acai is to keep stress levels adjusted, making you feel more relaxed, even in the face of situations of tension.

8. “Superfood”

This is the nickname that scientists give to the acai berry from Amazon: superfood. The reason? He is considered one of the most complete fruits of nature, thanks to its composition that offers a large part of the nutrients of which a person needs.

9. Stronger Bones

One of the substances present in Acai in large quantities is calcium. Consequently, the food is a great ally to keep the bones strong and resistant. If you’re a woman and has more than 40 years, this is one of the most interesting reasons to consume the fruit, because it’s really going to help in the prevention of osteoporosis.

10. Complete food for athletes

For those who practice physical activities regularly, the acai berry from Amazon is a food practically mandatory. Has a large amount of low glycemic carbohydrates (which are far more healthy), and still have amino acids that act in the process of regeneration and muscle recovery after exercise. So, it can work well both before and after practice, of course, since you do not mix sugar or other ingredients that may affect your diet.

11. Say goodbye to cramps

Among the minerals present in a serving of Acai is the potassium. One of his most famous features is to avoid the so uncomfortable cramps that can achieve both sedentary people as those that practice physical activities. To achieve this benefit, it is best to combine fruit consumption to fluid intake, at least 2 liters of water a day with it, certainly you’ll be away from this problem.

12. Metabolism in day

Vitamin B1, present in fruit, it is very important to regulate the nervous system, especially regarding to the metabolism of fats, proteins and other substances. To keep your metabolism working properly, weight loss is one of the consequences. In addition, the appetite of the person also is more controlled.

13. To see better

Yes, the acai berry can also bring benefits to your vision! This advantage is related to two substances that are part of the composition: beta carotene and vitamin c. Acting in conjunction, they soften the effects of macular degeneration, common problem among those who have diabetes.

14. Against diabetes and hypertension

Speaking of diabetes, those who suffer with this disease can eat the acai without fear. Some people get worried, because they know he is rich in carbohydrates. But remember: are low Glycemic carbohydrates. In fact, it helps control blood glucose rates, so it is an excellent option for those who have this problem. And the same goes for the hypertensive patients: the fruit also helps control blood pressure.

15. immunity

The set of existing nutrients in Acai makes it excellent for strengthening the immune system, i.e. the body’s own defenses. In this way, the individual becomes more resistant to diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

16. natural aphrodisiac

To spice up the relationship between a couple, this natural antioxidant is also a wonderful choice! The tip is worth especially for men, because, in their case, the regular consumption of Acai can increase sexual appetite and prevent possible problems of impotence.

17. Intestine function

In addition to all the nutrients that have already been mentioned here, the acai berry from Amazon is also rich in fiber, which improve the intestinal transit (as long as you drink plenty of water). Thus, the swelling in the abdominal region tends to be eliminated and the release of toxins becomes more efficient.

18. Peaceful sleep

It has been said here that vitamin B1 helps to lower levels of stress. But, we would like to strengthen that Acai Topical also improves the communication between brain cells, providing a great sense of physical and mental well-being. For those who have trouble sleeping, this could be the big secret of sleep most nights.

19. Help to lose weight

This benefit is a sum of others that have already been mentioned here: bowel well-regulated, high metabolism, energy to practice physical activities. All that helps those who want to lose a few pounds. But of course: only fruit consumption does not work miracles, but helps those who exercise and seeks to maintain a balanced diet.

20. mental Health

Finally, the acai berry is also an excellent ally of mental health, reducing the risk of development of neuro-degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. There are studies that speak and relate this fact to the presence of vitamin E and C.



As you may notice the Acai is an excellent option for those looking for quality of life through diet, that’s because it’s a complete fruit with nutrients to the body and a tasty option for those who work for a healthy life.

Being very rich in nutrients, this fruit should be consumed daily, and it is in fact a delicious and nutritious choice for your breakfast. It also provides energy and willingness to the everyday rush.

To be enjoyed with all these 20 advantages which have been tabled, the consumption of Acai must be regular. Count on Tropical Acai for this.

So, enjoy and Bon Appétit.