10 Reasons to use Acai as a Natural Antioxidant

We  need antioxidants to fight free radicals that oxidize our body cells, causing many problems to metabolism.
One of the best ways to avoid these problems is through acai.
This fruit is originated from the Amazon and it is one of the athletes favorite fruits because of its great benefits.
The Tropical Acai is believed to be superior than the blueberry when it comes to promote health.
The acai, besides being richer in antioxidants , also brings lots of other benefits.
If you want to eat properly and keep your body healthy, know the 10 reasons to use Tropical Acai as a natural antioxidant.

1) Acai fight the Cancer
The cancer can be prevented and even fought by the acai, because this purple colored fruit has high concentration of anthocyanins, a natural antioxidant.
The use of Tropical Acai as a Natural antioxidant is the best choice for those who want a healthy life, preventing diseases and even rejuvenating.
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2) Acai slims
When combined with a good diet and exercises, the Tropical Acai can potentiate the weight loss.
Because of its great amount of fibers, this fruit can be consumed for people who want to lose weight.

3) Acai regulates the intestinal flow
Acai is great for those who want to regulate the intestinal flow eating something tasty.
The high concentration of fibers helps the body to work in the right time.

4) Energetic
The Tropical Acai promotes health and energy.
It is the ideal kind of superfood to be used before physical activities, because it strengthens the muscles and fights the anemia, due to the iron that contains.

5) The properly circulation of the blood
The antioxidants improve the body’s arteries quality. And, the Tropical Acai, having high levels of antioxidants, ensures the arteries health.

6) Works as an anti-inflammatory factor
This natural antioxidant can be used as an allied in the treatment of diseases with chronic inflammations components, like asthma.
The acai has proven through researches to inhibit inflammation and pain.

7) Avoid Heart Diseases
Besides balancing the cholesterol levels, the acai also fights the atherosclerosis, a disease that causes hardening of the arterial walls connected to the heart.
The acai avoids the production of post-inflammatory cytokines, as we can see in a research pointed in the “Atherosclerosis “journal in 2011.

8) Decreases the Cholesterol Levels
The acai contains anthocyanins that fight the LDL Cholesterol (the “bad cholesterol”).
This was demonstrated in an article for the Nutrition magazine, that addressed a research with rats treated with a high-fat diet.
The researchers gave some rats the acai pulp, and these same rats , as a final result, had a reduced cholesterol level compared with the others that didn’t receive the acai.

9) Strengthens the Immune System
Besides its high levels of antioxidants, the acai also contains lots of  Vitamin C, that increases our body immunity, and that is exactly what our body needs to be strong.

The acai prevents the aging due to its strength as a natural antioxidant.
Our body keeps healthy and young because of the high amounts of flavonoids and anthocyanins, which prevent the cells from degenerating.