Blog - The benefits of Acai Berry in physical activities

The benefits of Acai Berry in physical activities


Many already know the benefits of acai berry, but the Tropical Acai us we would like to emphasize the great importance and benefits that it offers to people practicing physical activities.

The acai berry is a superfruta from the brazilian Amazon, well known by the great benefits. The fruit is much appreciated by practitioners of physical activities and regulars of gyms since, is a high-energy food.

The fruit of the Acai is very rich in iron, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, potassium and proteins causing him to offer energy and endurance, fighting fatigue and exhaustion. It is for this reason that many consume the acai berry before and after physical exercises practices.

For being source of fiber the acai berry helps in regulating bowel, and may also fight premature aging, protector against degenerative diseases and combat free radicals.