Born and Passionate
about Amazon

Amazon is the cradle of life, the largest rainforest in the world.
The Amazon hides many secrets, those being new species of animals, or also fruits, that generate to man energy and a willingness ever seen before. And in the Amazon is where we found acai; a purple-colored fruit found on a palm tree, consumed first by the Indians for more disposition and energy, acai has become a fruit widely known for its health benefits and unique flavor. With the union of two successful entrepreneurs, one an expert in organic farming and the other an acai expert originated Tropical Acai, a company that trades on the American soil, its products derived from the acai as pulps and sorbets, besides producing the pulp from the dragon fruit.
Tropical Acai is the only manufacturer in the world that produces derivatives of acai directly from the farm to the consumer, without reprocessing steps so common in the food industry. All our products use organic inputs with international certification, in addition to food safety certificates, Non GMO, kosher and others. We are not simply cultivating and producing acai, we are cultivating and producing smiles, moments of joy and of course the best acai in the world.

Tropical Acai, from the Amazon to the world.